We offer sun oriented power on long-term settled value contracts to our clients, at costs which in many cases are at or below prevailing alternatives for the clients.

1. Rooftop Mounting

Our roof mount solutions are reliable and designed for a long service life to weather-resistant materials to ensures stability of the rooftop solar mounting system without taking any support from the underlying bond system of the building. The company is providing extensive range of Rooftop Solar Mounting Structures that comes in, tubular segments, MS point area, C-purlins segment, rectangular empty segments, square empty segments, Z-purlins segment and others. The structure is adaptable and can be gigantic load. We offer finish turnkey answer for sunlight based mounting structure that incorporates outlining, generation, manufacture, venture administration and establishment. With due exactness, the offered Solar Mounting Structures are manufactured by our deft experts with the utilization of incomparable review segments and the propelled procedures. In order to meet varying needs of clients, these structures are made available in both standard and customized specifications. Used for mounting solar panels, these structures are made available in bulk at reasonable prices.


As a one stop solution ApnaSolar offers the OPEX financing for commercial and industrial entities so that our potential customers can enjoy the benefits of solar without having to bear any additional costs. We provide Rooftop Solar Plants at Opex to industrial and commercial clients and understand your concerns about a new technology, a new model and make sure even the minutest of your apprehensions are taken care of. Here we offer businesses complete end-to-end solutions from the preparatory phases of project evaluation, understanding requirements to installation and maintenance.


Our vast experience in delivering CAPEX solar solutions ensures seamless completion of each solar plant. In CAPEX model the end consumer can own the asset and claim accelerated depreciation and save taxes. Likewise, solar has practically no innovation hazard related with it. In such a scenrio, why pay the edges for the OPEX speculators on the off chance if you have spare capital to invest.

2. Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump has a mini power house at its heart and consists of a calibrated and matching solar array of modules – tuned with the equivalent power of pump for that particular application. Solar water pump is one of the most efficient ways to utilize solar energy. Instead of using fossil fuels to power your water pump, solar water pumping harnesses the power of the sun.

How Does Solar Water Pump System Work?

Instead of using huge amounts of wires and non-renewable energy sources like oil or coal, to run your pump, a solar water pumping system generates control for your water pump by utilizing the sun. A series of solar panels collect the sun’s energy and transform that energy into power for your water pump. This conventional method include both expensive equipment costs and ongoing energy costs, so having a solar water pump installed can save your money and reduce your carbon footprint and make it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.